Kanal® Travel 2000

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The Kanal® Travel 2000 is unique by its pressure reliefing canal which provides support for your neck. It prevents your head from falling to the sides when sleeping on the flight, on the train or in the car.

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A travel pillow with three great features – support for the lower back, headrest and a sleeping pillow.

Your best friend on trips

The Kanal® Travel 2000 is unique because of its pressure reliefing channel, which gives a good support for your neck while preventing the head from falling to the side while sitting up sleeping on the trip.

Thanks to the clever cover, you can easily roll your pillow and attach it to your seat, to use it as support for your lower back.

The pillow is small enough to bring with you, and works as well on the flight, on the train, in the car or the boat or on a mountain walk. With Kanal® Travel 2000, you do not need to miss your neck pillow while traveling.

Kanal® Travel 2000 is a much appreciated gift for employees and VIP-customers.

Kanal® Travel 2000 is made in Sweden, of allergy tested and freon free cold foam.

Size: 37 x 23x 11,5 cm
Weight: 500 grams


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