Why do I need a neck pillow?

Just like you need a good bed for accurate back support, you need a good pillow for neck support.

Are neck pillows only for people with neck problems?

Absolutely not. With a neck pillow you usually sleep better and can prevent future neck problems.

Is it uncomfortable to sleep on the Kanal pillow(KP) at first?

Some sleep well the first night on the KP while others may need 1-2 weeks to accustom to the new support. We recommend that people with sensitive necks use the lower side of the pillow first.

Does the Kanal Excellent (KE) suit all people?

No. There is no pillow in the world that suits all people. But with the KE you have 4 possibilities to find the right support so normally you are satisfied!

What makes the KP (Excellent) a better pillow than the competitors’ pillows?

The combination of the facts that the KE is individually adjustable and that it suits every sleeping position thanks to the patented channel solution.

Do the two KE heights of 12 and 12,5 cm really provide different kinds of neck support?

Yes. The 12,5 cm level has a much higher neck section then the level of 12 cm.

Have any tests been made on the KP?

The KP is developed by Swedish physiotherapists and many tests carried out have proved the benefits of the KP

What is the KP made of?

The KP is made in Sweden from allergy tested polyurethane foam.

How long does a KP last?

Normally the KE gives good neck support for 4-5 years. A person who needs much support needs to have it renewed earlier, while many people use it for even longer periods. It’s time to buy a new pillow when you feel that the KP doesn’t give you enough support.

Is the KP warm to sleep on?

Normally not since it’s made of the material “cold-foam”.

Why isn’t the KP neck section rounded at the front?

Thanks to the curved neck section there is space for the shoulders, thus providing you better and deeper neck support.

Kanal® Kudden

Is the KP hard or soft to sleep on?

We all have different preferences and sense of what’s hard or soft. It also depends on the level of the pillow. If you use a pillow that is too high you might feel there is a hard pressure on your neck. Then change to a lower level.

Why does the KE have a separate plate?

Without the plate there are only two levels to choose between. With the plate there is a total of 4 levels and chances to find the
perfect support.

Why does the KP have a channel on the underside?

Thanks to that patented channel, the KP automatically gives correct neck support in every sleeping position.

Does the KE really suit people who sleep on the stomach?

Most people can sleep on their stomach if they use the lower side of the KE.

At what age can you start using the KP?

This is very individual because of our different body sizes, but a child of 6-8 years can normally start using the lowest level
(9,5cm) of the KE.

Is the KP washable?

Yes, hand wash it in lukewarm water. Don’t machine wash (too heavy).

What are the 3 Kanal Travel (KT) functions?
1. A smaller sleeping pillow.
2. Gives neck support in sitting positions, e.g. during travels. 3. Lumbar role for back support when rolled up.

Can the KT always be kept rolled?

No, we recommend to keep it rolled up during travels only.

How should I adjust the car seat when using the KT for neck support?

The seat should recline backwards – the more the better! Depending on the design of the seat and the possibility to adjust
it, you could try to switch the KT over and use the underside of the pillow (less pressure)

Any other tips on how to use the KT?

On the beach as a comfortable pillow on the sun bed. (beaver nylon cover!)