Kanal kuddar vs Tempur kuddar

Örnsköldsvik August 2017

Today we can offer our Kanal®pillow in two different materials. Kanal® Excelllent is manufactured in a traditional polyurethane foam and Kanal® Excellent SPACE is made of a slowly elastic foam that comes from the American NASA space program. Therefore, we call the material “Space-foam”.

We often get the question of what the difference between Kanal® and Tempur® pillows is. Therefore, allow me to make some comparisons between the Kanal® concept and the Tempur® pillows:

With Kanal® Excellent Space, the customer gets a slowly elastic material with 4 different possibilities for individual correct neck support. Tempur® pillows have only one neck support and therefore have to offer their different pillows in S, M, and L. It makes it very difficult for the customer to determine which model fits best for him / her – and what model you should buy? That question can usually be answered first after the customer has a chance to sleep on the pillow for a few nights!

With Kanal® Excellent Space, the customer adjusts the height of the pillow in his own bed, after his own needs!

Easy and simple as that! With the Kanal® pillow, the customer receives a canal-like shape on the underside that builds on a patent and automatically give you the right support in all different sleeping positions! This is unique and applies to all our Kanal®Pillow models.

For those customers who do not like “Space Foam”, they may think that the slowly elastic material is too hard, for example. If you have a low temperature in your bedroom, the foam is more firm. Instead, we can offer Kanal® Excellent, which has the exact same shape and design as the Space model, but in the traditional polyurethane foam.

At the same time, we can offer several million already satisfied users of different polyurethane pillows a unique pillow solution in the same material they are used to as they renew their old pillow.

With Kanal®, a unique pillow concept is offered with the biggest freedom of choice and this at the right price – all to satisfy the customer’s different wishes!

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Prominens Sweden AB
Ola Backlund, leg. physiotherapist