Why everybody need a neck pillow = the Kanal® pillow

It is widely known that a good bed is important to get a good back support. What many, on the other hand, do not know is that the last part of the spine (the seven sensitive neck vertebras) do not get any support at all! When lying in bed there is a gap between the bed and your neck. The biggest gap appears when your lying on the side. See picture.

Most people who do not have a neck pillow bump their usual pillow in an attempt to shape a neck support. Others sleep with their arm / hand under the pillow to get a proper neck support. This often results in waking up, caused by a flat pillow and the absence of neck support. Some people even have numbness in the arm.

If you recognize yourself in this description, actually your own body has shown the importance of investing in a proper and supportive neck pillow.
You sleep a 1/3 of your life. With the Kanal® pillow you can have a good and healthy sleep that can also positively affect your condition awake for the remaining 2/3 of your life.

Have you previously bought a neck pillow that you were not satisfied with and are now skeptical?

The most common reason why you were not satisfied with your neck pillow is that it pressed too hard on your neck? It is often because the pillow was too high or hard for your neck – it simply gave you too much support! The Kanal®Pillow has four different heights in the same pillow so that you can customize the pillow to just the support your neck needs! The Kanal®Pillow is designed to fit both a big gentleman and a smaller woman. We can understand if you are skeptical but remember that the pillow you were not satisfied with was a completely different neck pillow, so take the opportunity and test the Kanal® pillow!

If it’s time to renew your neck pillow that you’re happy with, it might be a good idea to test the Kanal®Pillow

If you have felt that your neck pillow is pushing too hard when you are lying on the back or stomach. The Kanal®Pillow is usually giving a good and correct support in all sleeping positions. See pictures. That’s exactly what the patented feature is all about! Many other neck pillows have a round neck front – the Kanal® pillow has on the other hand an inturned front! It provides space for your shoulder that makes it easier to maintain your neck support during the night as it provides a better support for your entire neck.

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