How does the Kanal® Pillow work?

How to use the Kanal pillow?
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How does the “channel function” work? (short version)

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How does the “channel function” work? (long version)

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The Kanal®Pillow provides support for the neck you can’t get from the bed!

A good, quality bed gives no support at all for your neck! When you are lying in bed there is a gap between the bed and your neck. Therefore, most people try to shape their usual pillow, or sleep with their arms under the pillow – all to get support for their neck. One simply tries to create an “own neck pillow”. However, it is extremely difficult to keep support for the neck during sleep while the shoulder pushes away the pillow or the pillow collapses.

The Kanal®pillow has an insulated front that gives you a nice support for your head and space for your shoulder. You can sleep peacefully with a proper neck support, knowing that the shoulder is not pushing away the pillow. See picture.

Individually adjustable – therefore it suits the entire family!

With the Kanal®pillow, you have four different heights in the same pillow. This means that you can customize the pillow to just the support your neck needs! You choose a high or low side, with or without a plate. Try at home which neck support suits you the best. The Kanal® pillow is designed to fit both a broad-axed big gentleman and a smaller lady or child from about 6 years.

How do you sleep? Kanal®pillow provides the right support in all sleeping positions

Kanal® pillow was developed to be able to sleep on the side, the back and the stomach. For this feature we received a patent. Thanks to the canal that is placed under the pillow you can change your sleeping position as many times as you want and still get correct neck support.

Available in two different world-leading materials – choose the foam that suits you the best!

Today we can offer Kanal® Excellent Pillow in both a Swedish-made traditional cold foam (polyurethane) and a slowly elastic memory foam. The latter model is called Kanal® Excellent Space. The Kanal® Excellent material is a cold foam that reacts quickly and therefore regains its shape directly when you, for example, turning from back to side. It can be an advantage if you often turn to a different side while sleeping. Kanal® Excellent Spaces slowly elastic foam is more pressure-reducing and can therefore help you to turn less often during the night.

None of the materials is better than the other, but different properties offer different benefits. Many appreciate both pillow models, so choose the model and material you like the best. If you have had a memory-foam pillow that you experienced had a nice material and now need a new one, then try our Channel Excellent Space.

If you like the traditional cold foam cushions or have never tested a neck pillow, we recommend that you try our Kanal® Excellent – it is popular everywhere!

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