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Our business idea within Prominens Sweden AB is to develop and sell health products with good quality based on a new-thinking function, functional design and with the user’s needs and wishes in focus.

With our starting point in Swedish healthcare, we have over 25 years of experience in evaluating, developing and selling world-leading orthopedic pillows. With over 26,000 orthopedic pillows sold at demonstrations at fairs etcetera we are likely to have a hard-won unofficial world record. These personal meetings with our customers have also contributed to the fact that we have built up a unique “know-how” for orthopedic pillows.

Our development of Kanal®Pillow’s concept is the result of our experience. Back in time we have tested and sold the Swedish quality pillow Sissel®. Although it was, and still today is a good orthopedic pillow, we saw a need to develop a new pillow. Our goal was to make an individually adjustable orthopedic pillow. All in one and the same model. Equally important was that the pillow would automatically provide the right neck support regardless of whether the user was lying on his back, side or stomach. Through research and development, the Kanal® pillow was born. For the function of the pillow we received a unique patent that in the orthopedic pillow world. This is our proof that it was based on a new thinking.

We dare therefore recommend you – test our orthopedic pillow, you have a lot to win! All our customers who get better in their neck, or sleep better with the Kanal®Pillow, testify that such a simple effort as replacing their pillow can mean improved sleep and health.

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Prominens Sweden AB was founded in 1989 by Ola Backlund leg. physiotherapist and Monika Backlund leg. nurse. The company is located in Örnsköldsvik, in the archipelago, 600 km north of Stockholm.

Reporting from TV4 when a Chinese delegation was with us, click here.

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