God Sömn med Kanal kudden The Kanal® pillow - an ergonomic pillow recommended by physicists & physiotherapists SHOP TUTORIAL KANAL®PILLOW höga kusten The Kanal® pillow - developed & designed in Sweden SHOP TUTORIAL KANAL®PILLOW The Kanal® pillow - with an unique design based on our own patent SHOP TUTORIAL KANAL®PILLOW

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design and manufacturing

The Kanal® pillow is of the highest quality and has given us many satisfied customers.

by physicians och physiotherapists

The Kanal® pillow has been tested by both Swedish and foreign doctors and physiotherapists with very good results.

based on own patent

The Kanal® pillow is based on innovative thinking and is the only Swedish ergonomic pillow with patented function.

About the Kanal®Pillow

The Kanal®Pillow is individually adjustable too fit a big person as well as a smaller person. It has a unique canal underneath the pillow that automatically provides the user with the right support in all sleeping positions.

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