Kanal® Excellent SPACE (with pillow case)

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Kanal® Excellent SPACE is probably the most advanced pillow on the market. This neck pillow, made in Sweden, provides support and adjusts to your body temperature. The material was first used by NASA, where it was developed to give the astronauts a high level of comfort during space trips.

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Kanal® Excellent SPACE is probably the most advanced viscous elastic pillow on the market. This Swedish-made neck pillow provides support and conforms to your body heat. The material originated from NASA and was developed to give astronauts a good comfort during space trips.

Kanal® Excellent SPACE is our option for customers who want a high-quality neck pillow and a pressure-reducing material, also known as “memory foam”. This pillow has the exact same design and size as our best seller Kanal® Excellent.

Our Kanal® Excellent models both offer four different ways to support your neck, for individual customization. Therefore, our neck pillows fit people who want anything from small to large support. What separates the pillows is their material, and both models are fully molded in two different types of high quality foam. Kanal® Excellent is manufactured in a well-proven cold foam (polyurethane) that changes faster when you change your sleeping postion, and it also has a slightly softer feel to it.

When we launched Kanal® Excellent SPACE, the purpose was to offer an alternative to customers who prefer a neck pillow that conforms to the neck. With our two Kanal® Excellent models in different materials, we reached our goal to offer individual solutions to the customers and the market’s best neck pillow.

Our customer feedback on the Kanal® pillow made us come up with our slogan “Your best friend in bed”. Please also try out our other Kanal® models – it could be your best friend and investment for your health.

Size: 54 x 42 cm
Heights: 9.5, 12, 12.5 or 15 cm
Weight: 1.850 grams

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